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Toucan is now offering Hotels, Universities and Recreation Facilities the chance to apply to have a "Toucan Nest" fleet of scooters at their business for their patrons to explore, ride and have fun. Scooters enables patrons an additional activity and transport option at their fingertips thus minimising the need for taxis, public transport and Ubers for last mile transit.

Toucan Scooters not only reduce the need for cars and waiting times, they raise awareness of transportation alternatives and encourage cities to invest in safety infrastructure that benefits everyone. Rolling out 1st June 2019!


  • Enjoy a 10% commission split of the scooter income without the expenses.
  • All equipment/resources are provided by us to ensure patrons can ride immediately.
  • Create hype for patrons to embrace the “Fundraising for Fun” mantra. The unique fundraising model proactively provides a popular, fun and on-trend activity.
  • Enable your patrons to have the freedom to explore the city much cheaper than other for profit electric scooter companies thus creating hype and increasing patronage for your business through reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • No staff involvement needed. 

Toucan Tours Scooter Platform 

Toucan Tours Business Hub 


  • We require a storage room/hub/open carpark within your premises or just outside. We can collect the scooters daily and charge them offsite if needed but prefer to store and charge them onsite.
  • We require a commitment from you to actively promote the use of the scooters through your social media platforms and to your patrons. We are happy to provide marketing material free of charge.
  • We don’t need any staff involvement we have a team that will collect the scooters if they are not returned to the hotel hub so as to not create a drain on your resources. All scooters are GPS tracked and are clustered for your hotel therefore this doesn’t allow anyone but your patrons to use the scooters.
Toucan Tours Account Management  


  • All scooters have GPS tracking and we have a team that will bring them back to your "Toucan Nest" if they aren't returned properly. 
  • All insurance and equipment maintenance is our responsibility thus providing a risk-free model.
  • Helmets are provided for all riders to ensure safety and compliance. 





Download App and Unlock
Safe Riding
Toucan-Tours-Find-and-Unlock Toucan Tours Safe Riding
Download the app and tap the button to unlock a Toucan near you.
Use one of the complimentary helmets provided for your ride.


 Get on Scooter Safety Test Throttle
Toucan-Tours-Foot Placement
Toucan Tours Start Riding
Put both feet on footboard and test for comfort before you ride.
Test the speed throttle to get a feel for the take off speed.


Test Brakes
Where to Ride
Toucan Tours Test Scooter Brakes Toucan-Tours-Riding The Scooter
Squeeze brake with left hand to slow down. Also test first.
Ride on footpaths, not streets unless laws permit.


 Ending your Ride
Toucan Tours Park Scooter Toucan Tours Ending Your Ride
Bring scooters back and park in the designated rack.
End your ride by tapping the button with the app.



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